Living History Farms Cross Country Race 2007

Team Brass, Strings, Science and Steel
(Kaitlyn's Pics)

Smiling Suzie just before The Hill of Death

Peter heading up The Hill of Death (after a short swim)

Crazy characters and the essence of the race

Our team results

Brain Teasers!

Photon Roll Call
Starting with an expression for the total energy of an arbitrary superposition of plane electromagnetic waves in otherwise empty space, show that the total number of photons is given by

Bug of the Month

October, 2007
Chinese Mantis
(Tenodera aridifolia)

, 2007
Acorn Weevil
(Cucurio glandium)

August, 2007

Golden Orb Weaver
(Argiope aurantia)

Practice Makes Perfect

Notes: Average is taken over seven days, Monday through Sunday, all days being weighted equally. Work related draws on practice time (rehearsals, concerts, commuting) are averaged separately and shown as negative time. Non-work-related draws (socializing, running, other travel) are not considered. A miscellaneous category (chamber music, lessons, auditions, etc) may be introduced at a later time.

"And the heavens opened up and rained death upon the land..."

Some shots from recent Spring thunderstorms near Zwingle, Iowa.

Help Me Find My New Face!

I've been missing a few too many notes lately due to poor vision. Since I frack enough on my own without an optical handicap thrown in the mix, it's time for a new prescription. Now, I only see my face, say, a couple minutes each day, in the bathroom mirror while shaving, or reflected in the deep soulless pupils of unrequited love, so clearly I am not an adequate judge.

Who sees my face more than me? Other people, that's who! This is why, dear esteemed readers, I call upon you, especially if you are of the fairer sex, to help me pick my new frames, and hence my new face for years to come.

Below are twenty-four candidates, kindly vetted by two of my sisters (thanks KV and ME!). Please choose your favorite(s) and let me know via the "comments" section at the end of this post. I'll tally the results and post the ultimate winner in a few days. And please, no jibes about plastic surgery, Rogaine, botox, Clearasil, etc. I'm fragile.

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